Gudrun van Heukelum

Gudrun started her work in short-tem and community psychiatric settings and neuro-developmental rehabilation of children after head trauma. She then worked in a child-and family unit at a tertiary institution followed by working in a children's home as an OT.

Gudrun completed her coursework masters in play therapy in 2003 and have done the infant observation seminars through the Tavistock iInstitute in 2009. To date, she has worked with children and their families. She focuses on functional capacities, sensory-motor integration, infant and child mental health issues and relational patterns; utilizing play as the primary occupation of childhood, sensory integration, sensory regulation, motor learning, floor time, skill-training, cognitive approaches, instrumental enrichment, and parent-child psycho therapeutic principles as well as play therapy approaches.


BOT US 1977 M Diac

Playtherapy cum laude UNISA 2003


021 6891534