Cornelia Liebentritt



Johanlie de Bruin


Danel Snyman.jpg

Danel Snyman

Treasurer: Manages the WCPPG finances as well as stock


Kris Ann Hey.jpg

Kris-Ann Hey

Exhibitors: Responsible for contacting and managing exhibitors who attend WCPPG meetings

Lara Snyman.jpg

Lara Snyman

Admin & Database: Communication with members via email (workshop adverts, job seekers/ job adverts, meeting information and member database


Juanita Aucamp

Job Seekers/ Vacancies & Minutes: Recording of minutes at all meetings, as well as the liaison for job seekers/ jobs advertisements

Natalie Retief.png

Natalie Retief

Admin & CPD: responsible for all admin duties surrounding WCPPG meetings, applying and managing for CPD points and certificates.


Zone Janse van Rensburg

Venue & Catering: Responsible for arranging and coordinating with the meeting venuess


Sheereen Azad

OTASA rep: Attends monthly meetings, and acts as liaison between the WCPPG and OTASA

Lize van Zyl.jpg

Lize van Zyl

INSTOPP rep: Attends INSTOPP EXCO meetings and keeps members updated and informed on matters regarding OT within the private practice sector

Lanese Knipe.jpg

Lanese Knipe

Social Media & Marketing: Manages the WCPPG social plateforms including Facebook and Instagram, and is responsible for finding unique ways to promote the WCPPG group